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Have you been feeling trapped in the coaching rut of 1:1 clients?

At the end of the day you feel depleted, and overstretched by doing it all, and not getting to where you are headed?

Still, your 1:1 clients are referring you to their BFFS, and they are praising your excellence constantly on social media. You have that waitlist going on for weeks ahead....

And you dread that the next morning you are called to do the same old, same old,

and the fear of shaking things up, turning it around keeps you stuck in this 1:1 rut.

Are your clients also used to these ways; underpromised and overdelivered?

Well, you've bought into the lie that building a coaching business means you giving yourself fully to the business. Thus, you are responsible for all the things your business.

It is NOT your fault that you believe it, as the hustle culture is real, and taking its toll on so many well-meaning coaches online.

If you have read this far, I am certain you still believe that you are called to make an impact, AND craving for the life of freedom and #smarthustle?

Then you are in the right place. I have been there, done that, got burnt out, and found a way out.

Fine print and warning: But there was one tiny problem I wasn't aware of back then. My son. I mean that having a baby will not make it easy to run a school, as it is still a full-time job, even if it is a scalable biz model.

After having my son, I found my priorities totally shifted, and I wanted to find a way to making passive income without having to manage a team of teachers, and students. No, not the type of passive income growth hackers talk about. The kind of passive income that doesn't require me delivering my services real time.

And I found digital technology and the internet as a great tool to start with. I used to design soft skills courses (negotiation techniques and communication strategies to maintain healthy corporate culture in a multilingual environment) as blended-learning courses. 

So it seemed obvious to get into online course creation coaching. Mind you, back in the early 2000s learning management systems were not as much available as now.

So I branded myself as an Online Course Coach, and started offering consultation and done-for-you curriculum design for coaches online.

Oh boy, have I seen the good, the bad, and the ugly for the past 3 years. It rubbed it in the wrong way at times, and curled my toes painfully over the "best practices" I still see in the online course industry. This is why the TEACH YOUR OBVIOUS method was born about 2 years ago. It puts learning strategies, and developmental psychology back into online course creation.

It is a framework that makes you understand

  • how to repackage your 1:1 service packages into digital courses,
  • gives you the edge to move away from coaching alone.
  • shows you what pieces to include, what pieces not to include into a course,
  • gives you the tools to empower, and motivate your students feel, 
  • supports your students to follow through with your course without you having to hop on gourp coaching calls.

Then I soon realized that there were other important pieces of the puzzle (besides didactics, psychology of learning) that online business and mindset coaches were missing out when they created their courses.

This AUDIO VERSION is a simplified version of Course Launch Accelerator, so it is ideal to give you all the juice within a timespan of no more than 30 days. 30 hard-working days, I won't lie. But there is no easier way to launch an offer. I assure you it is fail-proof, simple to follow, and works across the board for online coaches.

So if you, my friend, as an online business or mindset coach were put out of business,  you would surely put yourself into a tight situation. As most of your revenue comes from YOU delivering your services. And to fail proof your business, you need to create an asset that can generate revenue without YOU.

So I simmered and distilled my 20+ years in instructional design, and synthetized it into my method, that I like to call Teach Your Obvious.

Why Obvious? I have come to realize that most of my clients were so close to their ways of conducting coaching sessions, facilitating transformations, and guiding their clients to breakthroughs that they never even understood how exactly they can do it on repeat.

And VOILÁ, COURSE LAUNCH ACCELERATOR was born in late 2018.

It gives you the resources, tools, and processes that you need:

  1. to standardize your processes and create a method out of them,
  2. to fine-tune that process and turn it into a self-study course
  3. to craft the message that is going to sell it to your ideal students.

If you have ever come across me either as a client or as a guest trainer, you know I am generous, so I included some bonuses to this course, too.

Bonus #1 - 90 day launch plan that you can just plug & play (worth USD 1200), alright you need to tailor it a bit to your exact timeline and capacity. But it is good to go as is, too.

Bonus #2 - a social media calendar that you can use to customize to your course launch (worth USD 500)

& if you really know me, then you can be sure that I have included some rewards that you can unlock when you finish certain milestones within this course.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Is there a money- back guarantee?

No, as I know that this course is an investment with an invaluable ROI for your coaching business. You just have to put in the effort. You will be surprised how much you will benefit from going through this course.

Do I have life-time access to the course?

Of course. You don't only have life-time access to this course, but you will also get access to the updates along the way.

How I can contact you?

You will all the necessary info in the welcome section of the course. And you always find me over on Instagram @itsthecoursecoach.

4 Modules


To get the most out of this program and the number of weeks your schedule allows for, I highly recommend you follow the steps you find in this module.

Studies have shown that in tough times, we fall back to our oldest habits. And learning something as complex as online course creation is definitely a tough time.

Please, don't get discouraged by it. But know that following these simple habit forming activites are definitely going to help you get through this program more easily.

Week 1 - Finding Your Course Idea

In this module, you are going to be able to lay firm foundations for the course creation, itself.

You will be able to map out the students journey for your course(s) as detailed as you can, so that you can easily determine the learning outcomes for your students.

You will be able to understand how to motivate and keep your students accountable for their own progress.

You will also be able to get clear on how you want to position yourself in the online course market.

PHASE 2 - The Mindset Of The PR Pro

In this module, you will learn to become confident in the framework you have developed in phase 1.

You will be able to effectively communicate the value your course is going to bring to your students by the end of this module.

You will also be able to design a funnel to your course by using social media, and the emapthy map.

Last but not least, you will be able to sell your course to your ideal students without having to beta-test it for free.

PHASE 3 - The Mindset Of The Engineer

In this module, you will get into the nitty-gritty of the actual Teach Your Obvious method that walks you through how to create online courses that your students love.

You will also learn what course content types to include in your course, and what type of assignments and tasks your students need to move forward with your course.

Modules for this course 4

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