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You are going to be blown away how simple it is to move away from the coaching rut of 1:1 client work and phase them out.

& no, you do NOT need to phase all of them out. Just those many that keep your days extra busy.

"How to best go about it?", you might ask. 

You need to create a leveraged offer, aka a self-study course. And this is what you will find inside, tools, mindset, and strategies that will help you launch your first or next self-study course.

& I can't wait for you to launch your course to have the impact, the income and the life you've dreamt of ever since you started your online coaching business.

As a sign of my appreciation, you, ,  are also getting access to a private audio feed that walks you through the 6 pillars you need to build on to phase out your 1:1 clients.

Oh, and one last thing, get your journals ready so you can design your ideal life and meet your goals.

4 Modules

Free Resources To Build Your Course

Hello, ,

You are going to find 4 resources to help you build your course from your coaching package:

  1. Find out if you are ready to launch your course.
  2. Learn about the 7 FREE tools that helps you with course content creation.
  3. Steal my Google doc course content organiser to help you with launching your course.
  4. Learn the process and mindset successful course creator have. (audio training)

Have questions about online course creation?

DM on Instagram:


Here is your super confidential, look-over-my-shoulder moments about the best practices, trends, and know-it-all without the overwhelm:

Click that link above to access your private audio feed!

It will open to a page like this, and you can choose your favourite podcast app to follow along.

private audio feed


Having reached your capacity with 1:1 clients, but afraid to introduce a 1:many offer?

I feel you, I have gone through it, and I have created a live, immersive experience from all my learning; think 'mindset', 'biz ops', & all the jazz, so you, wouldn't ever need to bother with it. AT. ALL.

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